Laughter and other great sounds

At first, it was really difficult to get HP to laugh.

The first few times my daughter laughed, it happened while I was in another room. I just heard my wife yell something like “Oh my God, HP just laughed!” and I would run in to hear for myself, but by that time she had gone back to her normal self.

But that’s changed over the past month or so. First, HP started laughing more when I would blow raspberries on her knuckles. The sensation just made her chuckle.Hearing her laugh just sent a shot through me. Her laughter is simply the most beautiful sound in the world — at least it is to my ears.

We tried a few times to get this on video, but every time she saw the camera she would just clam up. Finally, we figured out how to conceal the camera at the right moment and got the giggles on camera. It was great.

Now HP laughs even easier. When I was a kid, my dad would talk like an angry Donald Duck to make us laugh. I’ve tried using that voice off and on since HP was born and until recently, it just annoyed her. But last week I tried the voice out on her again, and she laughed the hardest I’d ever seen.

But each time I find something that makes her laugh, it only works for a little while. All I get for the duck voice now is just a smile, and she doesn’t react to knuckle raspberries anymore. This means this daddy is going to have to find some new material to keep the little one laughing.