Get a grip

My daughter has developed a strong grip. She loves to reach out while I’m holding her and get two big handfuls of my beard. And then she pulls as hard as she can.

It stings a little when she tugs on my beard, but I’m so excited to see her growing and getting stronger I let her do it. If it makes her smile, it’s worth it.

HP is teething and will chew on whatever she can get in her mouth. She often uses the beard-grab maneuver to pull my face close so she can bite my nose. She also grabs fingers and pulls them into her mouth so she can gnaw on them.

I’ve made sure to wash my hands well before holding HP lately because of the finger chewing. Sometimes she’ll pull my index and middle fingers into her mouth so she can use them to relieve the pain around where her molars will pop up. When we do this, the fingers sticking out of her mouth look just like tusks, so we call it “The walrus.”

HP’s dexterity is cause for concern. I’ve learned to take my glasses off whenever I hold my daughter anywhere near my face because on a few occasions now she has snatched my spectacles right off my nose. I can’t afford another $400 set of glasses.