When I learned I was going to become a father last year and told my coworkers, one father of daughters told me “Sleep now. While you still can.”

HP does not like bedtime. She wants to stay up all night and party, even if mommy and daddy have meetings at work in the morning. Lately she has been teething and getting over a cold, and that has made getting her down for the night even more challenging.

My wife and I worked out a program where I will stay up later with HP and get her to fall asleep because I’m generally better at getting her to go down for the night. Ideally, my wife will be the one who gets up in the morning when HP wakes up and let me sleep.

Unfortunately for me, my wife prefers to kick me awake and trick me into taking care of HP. Usually, it’s not until after I’ve already got HP fed and back in bed that I realize it was my turn to stay in bed.

I’ve been thinking about taking a new approach to getting HP to sleep. Basically, setting her down in her crib, turning the lights down and telling her goodnight. She’s six months old and this is supposed to help her learn to go to bed on time, but I don’t know if I have the nerve not to run right back in her room the second she gets unhappy.

Yeah, I’m wrapped around that finger pretty tight.